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Are You Wondering Where to Stay in Tortosa, Catalonia?

Are you wondering where to stay in Tortosa? Located just 14 km from the medieval city of Tortosa and a further 7 km from wonderful Mediterranean beaches and coves, Casa Baranku' sits on a hill surrounded by olive trees. A magnificent point to go hiking or mountain biking due to the mountainous area in which it is located. For animal lovers, it is mandatory to visit the viewpoints of the "Delta de L' Ebre" (remember to bring your binoculars) in search of birds. Quiet lovers of the sea for you there are also many activities due to the proximity to the sea: in the morning taking advantage of the calm water we recommend you go paddle boarding or kayaking. Pay attention to the wind as it is an area with a lot of kite surfing! Gastronomically speaking you cannot miss the Tortosa Market. It is worth going here to fill the fridge.

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