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Casa Baranku' is the testimony of a bygone era, but not forgotten, where respect for the place and traditional technique came together. It is observed in each gesture, in each material, at each step. It is the minimum expression of how to inhabit and integrate into the environment with respect, only with architecture.

For those who do not know the place, Baranku' is a land of olive trees, a mountainous area, far from the coast, but with the sea on the horizon. In the distance you can see the sea, always present, accompanying the visitor.

Stone terraces organize the land by levels, showing dense groves along the path, until reaching the heart of the estate, where a small construction from 1870 emerges.

A single volume, a single space, with a tile roof, a wooden structure and stone walls covered with white lime. Local materials, of austere origin, but well preserved, convey the atmosphere and knowledge of a bygone era. 

To learn more about Casa Baranku' or to book your reservation,  check out their site at

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